Wagging Tail-858

Yesterday all the pomp and circumstance of the King and Queens whirlwind tour of the UK moved to Moms homeland Northern Ireland.

We lived the events by staying glued to the TV and vicariously through family and friends who got to be part of the visit.

One friend Sandra lives in Hillsborough where the royal residence is based and that was a key part of the day. Here’s some of her pics she shared live with Mom.

It’s a beautiful spot by all accounts with lots of little pubs and shops and very well behaved dogs. Maybe one day I’ll go there.

Cousin Anne made her way to the village from Banbridge a nearby town to be part of the cheering crowds. She also sent us pics that made us feel we’d made it too.

Auntie Lorraine saw things from a greater distance in Belfast as the Royals swept past in their car.

While cousin Cecilia even got to attend the ceremony in Belfast Cathedral which as we saw on TV was absolutely beautiful. That’s her with the black headband on.

Having these nears and dears so close makes us feel closer too.

I’m sort of glad I got run over by that bicycle as Ma had a good excuse to stay home and watch the whole event unfurl as she was watching me.

There’s a very old term for this type of tour which is todays blessing. Thankfully I’m making some too!!!

Blessing#1459-A Progress

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