Wagging Tail-965

I was sitting warming my butt by the space heater yesterday morning when Ma utters the precious words « let’s go Scoob ».

I couldn’t believe my ears.

So off we went into the big blue yonder singing along to U105.

We took a hard stop just before the turn for the tearoom and she swung me into a new beauty salon called wait for this Top-Knots.

They specialize in curly canines especially those who go for groomers.

You know what it was AWESOME. I loved it and I was as good as gold and am all set for the new year with a beautiful tartan scarf that Robbie Burns would be proud of.

I even got a before and after on Top-Knots website. Don’t I look gorgeous, handsome and some pup and guess what?

When we got home we found the technicians had been to our house and our heating was back in operation!

Blessing#1566-Fresh Start

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