Wagging Tail-966

Ma has been inspired by the oft seen cover of SPARE to take up close photos of Jaws and me.

Of course having just recently been chez le coiffeur I look amazing while Jaws looks a tad sad.

Not only is the SPARE giving rise to portraiture at our kennel he is also in my mothers dreams.

This is the most recent. It’s a mix between the Tudor Twelve Days of Christmas that we watched yet again, Escape to the Château DIY show and the fact that the Bless This House sign at the tearoom fell of the wall yesterday and broke into two piece.

H@M are on set in a program where a very old castle is being restored by an old man who is an English historian. H is told to hold this very old chimney mantle that’s carved from very dark wood. He drops it and it shatters into pieces. The historian goes bonkers and starts yelling at him. Meanwhile M smiles her smile but as is the case in dreams you know she’s thinking it’s time to leave this show.

Interpret as you will but isn’t it amazing the details you can remember from your slumbers.


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