Wagging Tail-1092

Well as the world waits for the big day on Saturday Ma tells me that she and the bro went to speck out the route for the coronation procession.

While attempting to reach the gates of Buckingham Palace along with hundreds of other tourists they were stopped by a police barrier. Please wait here for just a moment the lovely polite police people said.

So they waited and within a few seconds the palace gate was opened, then came an outrider ………….

and then as if by magic THE KING in his big maroon car arrived.

Ma just snapped and snapped and couldn’t believe she got such a good pic. People were asking her to airdrop it to them.


It was like something from a dream.

Ma must have been looking so happy that while walking away she was approached by a journalist from France Inter. Madam can I ask you some questions? Well you know Ma ask her about the Royal Family and she right in there. You just can’t stop her!!!

Once released from her new found fame as chief correspondent the bro and Madame du Monde made their way to Westminster Abbey.

Down the Mall they went, past horse-guards and nipping through birdcage walk reached Big Ben before it struck one!

Next up they decided to see if they could get into parliament. No problem just wait here.

Where was here? Well dear reader it was the nine hundred year old Westminster Hall itself the very place where Anne Boleyn was tried for treason and where the late dear departed Queen Elizabeth had been laid in state.

Maybe people don’t know that you can get into Parliament because there wasn’t a long wait. There is however a very steep climb up the the chambers themselves

The House of Commons was debating a new security bill and The House of Lords a proposal about of all about all things Parish Councils.

The Abbey was closed to visitors but there was a lot of activity outside including a man touching up the gold leaf on the railings!!!

It was all a bit surreal and the day didn’t end there but we’ll save the rest of the pics for another time so you don’t fall asleep!!

Suffice to say some steps were taken!!!

Blessing#1693-Tales of the Unexpected

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