Wagging Tail-1093

Yesterday Ma and the Brother took themselves to Windsor to pay their respects to the dear departed Queen. Ma shed a tear!

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is truly majestic dominating the small town and can be seen for miles. Ma took this pic for us from the train they took to get there.

It houses some of the most magnificent art within the royal collection and most of the Kings and Queens of England are laid to rest here.

Alas you cannot take pics inside but it’s amazing when you stand in front of those famous faces and see the real thing.

They took these pics for us of all the famous sites including those steps at Saint Georges chapel

Here’s the great thing though you can attend the evening service at the Chapel at 5:00 pm so Ma and the Bro did that.

They got there early as Ma had sore feet so you will never guess what! Make your daily drum roll………

They got to sit in the seats where the Royals sit at weddings and funerals!!!! Right up front at the altar and we’re able to take photos of this.

The singing and the service were amazing truly a memorable occasion.

What better than to site where the Knights of the Garter sit and saying a little prayer for the King himself.


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