Wagging Tail-1094

The bro was in charge of yesterday’s plans so the Ma and he went all around London to visit the premier league soccer clubs.

They did the big tour in alphabetical order just for fun so they started at Arsenal.

Next they went to Chelsea and from there walked to Fulham along the Thames.

Finally they hit Tottenham Hotspur that involved quite a circus of tube and bus and walking but they made it.

Tottenham had the best shop but the three new stadiums were all amazing. Fulham was cool because it is the oldest club in the league and has all the old gates.

Each area was quite different it was almost like doing a world tour.

After all the steps they rewarded themselves with much need retail therapy in Oxford Street and a fuel stop at Saint James Tavern at Piccadilly Circus!

Blessing#1695-Footie Fans

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