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With the start of the World Cup we will all be rooting for our favorite teams.

This year Aaron has completed a Bracket. He had to predict the out come of each game including the score

If he wins he gets to go to the winning country.  Chances of winning are probably a billion to one but it is fun.

Are you doing anything special?

BLESSING # 11 – Sports that bring us all together





There are some words that make me laugh and one of those is BOUFFANT.

It is an innocent enough word but for those of us who work in the food industry or in pharmaceutical or medical professions BOUFFANT things can really wreck havoc on our hairdo.

Then again, if you have a hairdo that is a bit BOUFFANT maybe a cap might help.

bouffant hair

Share the word that makes you laugh the most

BLESSING # 10 – Hairspray


BOOM – Best Book


If you had to choose just one book what would it be?

Only read this book a few years ago but with a son from China it is a story that touched my heart.

Share your very best book

Blessing # 9 Books to share


BOOM – Bunnies

close up photography of brown rabbit
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Around our home we have lots of rabbits. I nearly took one out this evening on my way home.

They are fast when they want to be and this guy tonight dodged me at that last minute. Raised my heart rate to a real BOOM BOOM

They eat our garden plants with abandon  just as Benjamin Bunny did in that famous tale of Beatrix Potter.

In spite of all their nonsense we still love them because they are cute critters.

Blessing # 8 All Creatures Great and Small

BOOM – Boom & Blitzen

9D41C0CA-16C3-478C-BFD8-DF741C4E6C8DWhat storms we have had this past week. Our poor dog Dibley just hates them. He shakes like a leaf and there is nothing we can do to help him.  Just cuddle and wait .

BLESSING #7 The sun always shines again



This morning at a meeting my friend Pastor Sharon Hausmann talked about the need to recognize and appreciate that each of us have different gifts.

Sharon mentioned a saying of Mother Teresa that I had never heard before. It was certainly a blessing to start the day.

The dear mother said that

“If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we BELONG to each other.”

Blessing # 6 Sharon and those like her who make us think


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There is something so special about bubbles. They make bread rise they make sponge light they make mousse mousy.

We might whip them up in icecream, or magically make them through chemistry in cakes. We might even call in a friendly little bug or two to toot them out for our delight through fermentation.

Our favorite drinks are full of bubbles in various shapes and size from the powerful pettiante Perrier to the smoothest glass of Guinness.

But there is nothing quite as wonderful as a tall slim glass filled full of  bubbly itself on a Friday night.

Can you imagine just how flat our world would be without them?

ball ball shaped blur bubble
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1B0730D3-808E-4946-8591-ED30C8490112Any British BOOMER will for sure remember Basil Brush. He is looking as young and fresh as ever.

Naughty little fox he knows all the tricks. Food and fun really are the best way to keep young and beautiful

BLESSING # 5 Those who make us laugh


BOOM -Belfast

767ECAF3-DEE1-4CAC-B60B-29CE09FE3973.jpegGrowing up in Belfast was an experience. Those of us who did so can empathize with the kids of Syria or Afghanistan today.

Kids of war torn lands take heart. With wisdom there will be peace in your land like there is in mine today. It can take time but never ever give up hope

Strive to make a difference. Smile and embrace the person who is not like you .

Love your neighbor as yourself .

So when the day comes, like it has for us BOOMERS of Belfast that we see a city renewed, hailed as a must go destination in Lonely  Planet you can feel happiness beyond believe that you made it through the dark days and into the light.

BLESSING #4 All Those Who Work for Peace

BOOM – At Bougival


Between 2007 and 2010 our family lived near Paris in a little town called Noisy le Roi ( nothing to do with being loud but a lot to do with being a King ). This town had a history, it was the site of the stables of Versailles.

During this time Aaron was a little lad and attended the wonderful British School of Paris at Bougival.

When Aaron arrived at the school it was April and all the kids had found their friends in class and he was a little lost stranger.

Not to worry though because he had the most gracious teacher Mrs Denise Souffi who took him under her wing and mothered him like her own chick.

Denise is still a friend and checks in regularly to see how her Aaron is progressing in fact we were chatting about him today and she sent me this photo. Aaron still talks about Denise too and says she is his #1.

During the period Aaron was settling in he had a few moments that were indeed a little « noisy ». At one of these moments he informed all his class that he was fed up with bloody France.

I was mortified when I heard this and profusely apologetic. Both Denise and the saintly head mistress Mrs Tardival took it in their stride.

Not to worry dear Mrs Tardival said we have all heard much worse than that!

Bougival was  heaven on earth filled with loving people who helped grow each child, at their own pace, into young men and women as lovely as the plants in  the beautiful school garden.

Blessing #3 All Our Teachers for their patience and love








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