With all the rain we have had in Ohio the beautiful Olentangy River that is close to our home is high.

Thankfully the banks are strong and have held and kept us safe.

This morning at Church someone played the trombone to Martin Luther’s wonderful A Mighty Fortress. I absolutely love this the drama of the words and the power of the music and the use of another special word for bank BULWARK

What is it that keeps you safe?

Blessing #21 – Our Bulwark Never Failing


BOOM – Bravo


Don’t you feel that it is so important to recognize great service? If we do that more often we’ll make a change for good.

It is so easy for us all to complain but it is so much more rewarding for all concerned to say BRAVO.

One company I want to recognize and recommend is CONSUMER CELLULAR. They are so respectful so helpful and always good to their promise.  Great value too!!!!!

Once again this week they came through for me as I transferred my work phone number to my new personal phone.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for this company.

Hats off CC you are awesome. Now  Booming Buddies please share your very favorite company too

BLESSING # 20 – Being treated with grace

BOOM – Baking

Here in Ohio we get the Great British Bake-off a little after you dears in the UK.

So grateful though that the wonderful PBS brings this treasure to us.

If you haven’t watched it yet do check it out. Simply pure joy and it starts tonight

Blessing # 19 – A big sticky bun



This is so funny.

What is it with our boys that they always think we are hiding things from them?

Can’t help but laugh

Blessing # 18  Boys who will be boys


BOOM- Buffet & Bill

Just love these guys when they chat together.

They are so down to earth, so very generous and so full of love. They bless so many and seem to genuinely be blessed by each other

If you had to choose a famous friend who would it be?

Blessing # 17 – Leaders we look up to



blur breakfast close up dairy product
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Just as I am getting ready to hang up the lab coat and start a new venture that does not involve an alarm clock a bit of poetic justice has happened in the household.

Aaron our 17 year old son has been looking for a summer job and has filled out applications left right and center.

On Saturday he went to one place where he had applied, a local hotel. Oh the manager said I was just going to call you. Can you start tomorrow?

Of course Aaron was delighted and said yes. He came running back to the car where I was waiting for him and of course I was thrilled for him too that he’d got a job.

Well here comes the punchline. He has a job on the breakfast shift so he starts work at 5:30 am.

So much for no alarm clocks

Blessing #16 – Milestones to remember

BOOM- Blistering

AA6B052F-D156-45CF-82B7-2B5BBD69C082.jpegTo say it is toasty here in Ohio is an understatement.

What a great day through to jump in the pool.

We have a community pool here in our town. Many families gather and have fun splashing around and cooling off. We are so fortunate.

Today my husband Krishna and I were talking about the people, in many parts of the world, who have no escape from intense heat or in the winter from intense cold.

Blessing # 15 Comfortable shelter

BOOM – Beloved

BEABA2C8-4CB6-41BD-A734-3FED1134ED63.jpegBet that today many people will post a lovely message to their Dads thanking them for all they have done for them.

Absolutely understand that.

One of the greatest blessings in the world is a Father who believes in you and loves you to bits. Never once did I doubt that my Beloved Daddy loved me

If our Dads are still with us and close by we can hug them today. Do it!!!!

If they are in heaven,like mine, then they hug us all day and everyday just in a special and different way.

Blessing # 14- Father Forever


BOOM – Blemish

90C29BF7-6D64-4ADA-84A9-D0A2CE78006A.jpegThis morning I went to Zumba and had to stop on the way home to buy tomatoes at our little farmers market.

Of course I forgot to bring my wallet so I only had the change that was in the car.

I knew how many tomatoes I needed and that I didn’t have enough until that is I spotted a box marked “seconds”.

All the difference I could see were one or two little blemishes so I bagged what I needed and bought them.

Made me think that if I had searched for perfection I would have had to come back.

How often do we do that?

Is anything or anyone perfect? Of course they aren’t.

So accept that little blemish because beneath the surface it will be just as sweet.

Blessing# 13 – Seeing more than the surface



BOOM – Beauty in a Bend

Thanks to my nephew and friend Krishna here is something that will take a few minutes to watch but is well worth it.

Krishna is a medical doctor in fact a pathologist and he is always on the hunt for great science stories that he shares with all his family and friends.

Hope you all are enjoying « The Cup » and that there will be one or two goals just as memorable as this one. This helps me see that a bend is a thing of beauty

Blessing # 12 People like Krishna with a passion to share and explain the wonders of science.

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